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Results from indoor carpet on Saturday February 9th, 2019

Today is February 11th. Monday. I normaly try to post Saturday race results on Sunday. Wasn't able because on Sunday T.J. O'Heren and I took off at 6:30 AM for a special benifit race at the Strand Raceway in Macado Pa. Several of our "regulars" also showed up for this event. T.J. and I showed up at about 8 A.M. and found a good pit spot already parcially ocupied by one of our "regulars". By race time at noon the place was full of R/C racers and their stuff. I was able to talk to some racers I hadn't seen for some time. Most of it is insults back and forth which everyone expects. R/C racers are for the most part a great group of folks. The racing was very good and I was able to find the last spots as usual. The road course was rather challinging as some of the markers would get moved during the race. I thought it made things more interesting and really liked the way the course was set up. Road Course drivers are a different breed. They expect to get bumped or banged during a race once in a while and don't usually get upset about it. I liked the main when all the cars ran at once, Lots of fun.

Before getting into Saturday nights results I would like to thank TG. O'Heren for driving down to the race. I'm getting to the point where I'm not fond of driving the interstate hnighways unless I have to. Going down in early morning the traffic was reasonably light, but coming back it was heavy.

Saturday Night Race Results--We had a total of 46 entries for the night.

Mini Cooper--MO5--Road Course--5 entries--David Roskoski Sr. TQ'd and won the Main. Jeff MacMullen was second and Joe Lubinski finished third.

Euro Truck--Road course--6 entries--Devin Carney TQ'd and won the main. David Roskoski Sr. was second and Jeff MacMullen was a very close third.

Oval Race reslults--

Junior Novice--3 entries--Logan Rickert TQ'd and won the Main. S.J. Simpson was second and Kylee Curry was 3rd.

Novice Class--3 entries--Robbie Huston TQ'd and won the main. Billy Aldinger was 2nd and Mike Bell was 3rd. We would like to see more novice racers, both Junior and Regular. Contact us if you or someone you know is interested,

Breakout Class--7 entries--Edie MacMullen TQ'd and won the Main for the second week in a row. Brian Knickerbocker was second and Cameron Tunilc was 3rd.

Traxxas Rustler Class--5 entries--Glenn Pallom TQ'd and won the main. Linda Jones was second and Josh Johannes finished third.

R/C Legend Class--2 entries--Lowest entry we have had in this class this year. Todd Caruso TQ'd and won the main. Joe Lubinski was second.

21.5 Truck Class--Three Entries--Bill Delonga Tq'd and won the main. Chris Delonga was second and Bill Delonga, Sr. finished third for this "family" Class.

Traxxas Slash class--9 entries--Ed Jones Sr. TQ'd and won the 7 truck main. Glenn Pallom was second and Brice Haviland was third. Vincent Nervegna won the B main and bumped to the A.

Busch Lite class--3 entries--Todd Caruso TQ'd and won the main. Sam Perrone was 2nd and Joe Lubinski was 3rd.

All in all a good night of racing.

Bill Marshall