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Results from Figure 8 races Saturday April 20th 2019

Saturday April 20th started as a gloomy day with some rain early but by afternoon things got better. We ended up with 26 entries for Figure 8 racing. Had at least one new entry and a couple of blasts from the past. There was some good racing and also some very exciting crashes. Bob Fylstra, who dominated the winter road course racing throught the winter series saw his touring car sail through the air for a very good distance in one of the heats. Bob hasn't had much luck yet in this series, but I'm sure he will do better as we get further into it. Figure 8 racing can be very exciting as you will find out as I give the results.

Mini Cooper--M05 Class--7 entries--Bob Flystra TQ'd but as I mentioned Bob had bad luck and was knocked out early, Shawn O'Heren got the win, David Roskoski Sr. was second and David Roskoski Jr was third.

Car Figure Class--4 entries--Jeff MacMullen TQ'd and won the main. David Roskoski Sr. was second and Bob Flystra was a very close third. At the finish line Dave took second by less than a half second.

Novice Figure 8 Class--6 .entries--Gavin Cacossa TQ'd and won the main by a good margin, Quintin Innela was second and Carolyn Flynn was third. The track marshals had their hands full in this one.

Traxxas Slash Figure 8--9 entries--T.J. O'Heren TQ'd and won the 7 truck main. Chris Cacossa was second and Edie MacMullen was third. This was another race that kept the track Marshals busy. To say the least it was a very exciting race to watch. But, all seven finished the 5 minute main.  Traxxas Slash trucks are tough. David Koskoski Jr. won the B main and bumped to the A.  

All in all a good night of racing action. We have 6 weeks of this exciting racing left. Come out and try it. I mentioned to some of the drivers I would like to have a 500 lap endurance race for the Slashes some time during the series. We have done this before. There was intrest from the drivers. We need at least five 2 person teams to make this go. No date set yet.

Bill Marshall