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Some ramblings about drones--

Drones are not a big part of our business but we do carry some. The ones we sell we get from our usual distributers. Most of the ones we sell have parts available. We don't carry all the parts in stock but they are available to us if someone needs them. My wife  normally orders from our major distributors on a weekly basis. We do carry extra props and batteries for most of the ones we sell.

Here's the problem. We have folks come in that need a part or extra battery for a drone they purchased on line or in a local store that isn't a hobby store. For instance our local Tractor Supply carries drones. I was told that a local convience store was selling drones before last Christmas. Most of the brands we have never heard of. We don't have.and can't get parts or batteries for them.

Let me get to the point. If you want to purchase a drone go to a hobby store. Most hobby stores will be selling ones that have parts available for them.

Bill Marshall