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We had a nice day for the races on Saturday August 8th. Didn't have to "wash" down the paved track. The rain a couple of days before cleaned the track very nice. We thought we might get some rain for the night but it never came so we were able to get in 3 heats of 5 classes and the mains. We never did get any rain. During the mains some folks down the highway about a mile away sent up some nice fire works and we got do see some of this. It wasn't a long show but it was very nice to watch. We had a total of 21 racers for the racing. Not a big bunch  but enough to have a good time. Our next race is scheduled for Saturday August 15th. Our start time is 4 PM. Remember if it rains we go into our inside carpet track for racing.

We are going to race as it is nice weather throught the month of September on the paved track as long as the weather is good. Again if it cold or raining we go inside to the carpet track. One date we can't race on is September 12th. We have to keep this date open. Our shop and track will be closed that date. Our Summer series will end on September and the fall series will begin Saturday October 3rd. There will be more info as we get closer. For for more about our racing contact us.

Results from August 1st races-----

Novice Class--3 entries--Robin Nervebna TQ'd but Chip Caswell won the main. Angel was second and Robin finished 3rd. Very good racing.

Spec Class--3 entries--Devin Carney  TQ'd and won the main. Steve Weir was second and Peter Bosser was 3rd.

21.5 Rubber Tire Class--Dirk Douma TQ'd and won the main. Jeff MacMullen was second and Bill Bombard was 3rd.

13.5 Foam Tire Mud Boss--Devin Carney TQ'd but Brett Miller won the main. Dave Roskoski Jr. was second and Jeff MacMullen was 3rd.

Legend Class--Brett Miller TQ'd and won the main. Joe Lubinski was second and Wayne Miele was third.

I may have made some mistakes bhere. I do the best I can.

Bill Marshall