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Results from scheduled oval race on Saturday evening June 24th, 2017

We had some rain during the night but the clouds parted, the wind came up, and it looked to be a very good night for racing on the outdoor paved oval. At race time ; 6 PM; I woud have bet that rain was out of the question. Wrong! We had a light turnout, there were 16 entries and because of only having 4 heats and 3 main events scheduled I decided to give the racers a little more time on the track and run 3 rounds of heats. Everything went OK for the first two rounds of heats but then some menacing clouds started to build up to our west. We hurried to try and get in the third round but during the Novice heat the rain started and the trucks started to slide all over the place. Some of the drivers slowed down and kind of went with the flow and we were able to finish the race. After the race was over a couple of the drivers actually said they kind of enjoyed runing on the wet track. They all were driving Traxxas Slash trucks with rubber tires which I know from experience helped.

At the end of the Novice race I decided to quit for the night and pay off the drivers up to that point. I made a mistake that won't happen again. I could have just moved the scoring equipment inside and run the mains on the carpet. About the only thing the drivers would have to do would be to change gearing. If something like this happens again I'll ask the drivers what they want to do and go with what ever they want. As some of the drivers pit under the drivers stand they may have not wanted to pick up all their stuff and move inside. Of course, they could pit where they were and still race inside.

Results as follows:

Traxxas Slash Oval Class--5 entries--Jeff MacMullen finished first, Jordan Haviland was second and Peter Bosser was third. This class was able to get their third heat in before the rain started.

Novice Class--5 entries--Liam Van Hoorn was first, Pete Van Hoorn was second and Ron Mering, Jr. was third.

R/C Legends Class--6 entries--Dirk Douma was first, Mark Meerholz was second and Edie MacMullen was third. How did the boss make out? Lousy!. Lost a pinion leading the first heat and had the motor lock up just before the second heat. Still don't know what caused that. The Legends didn't get in a third heat because of the rain

Bill  Marshall