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UPDATED 5/14/2017


Marshall's outdoor paved oval will open ; weather permittimg; on Saturday June 3rd, 2017 if we can get everything ready on time. Dot and I have spent quite a bit of time replacing track walls where needed and other things necessary. We have contacted a couple of folks about possibly seal coating the track. The first one contacted said he would be out in a couple of days to have a look and give us a price on doing the job. Two weeks later we haven't seen him yet. We contacted a second contractor that had done the job once before and I expect to hear back from him in a day or so if he will be able to seal it for us. I have found the seal coating we want to use at our local Agway store. Hopefully we can get the job done before we open for the summer season. The weather has to be right to do the job.

Starting time for outdoor racing is 6 PM. Please remember one thing. We are never rained out here. If we have rain we go to the indoor carpet. As one driver put it "We aren't rained out at Marshall's, we are rained in".

Classes for outdoor racing----Just about the same as indoor; set ups and tires may be different but not much else. We may have two new classes. I have some folks wanting to start a 21.5 pan car class that would be open to anyone with the right stuff. I haven't seen any 2017 TOUR rules yet for this. Another class that I would like to see is the Busch Pan Car Class that got started down south. This class isn't for the expert pan car driver but is amied at the driver who would like to get into pan car racing and doesn't want to or can't spend a pile of money to do it. It is also for the driver who has tried pan cars but just can't seem to get up to the speed of the experts. I'm one of those. I have copies of the Pan Car Busch Series rules. If anyone would want a set of these rules please e-mail or phone us and I'll mail (snail mail) a copy to you. Both these new classes will also be offered when we go inside to the carpet in the fall.

Just one last thing. The outdoor track, if we are not able to get it sealed by the start date is still ok to use. I had my Busch car on it last week and had no problems except that I need a better transmitter. The old (very old) Traxxas radios didn't have dual rate steering. I needed this.

Bill Marshall