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Bob from RB Innovations put together a video from our hill climb event.

2017 Figure 8 Series
For several years Marshall's R/C Raceway has sponsored a figure 8 series in the spring. What started out as a 4 week series has grown into a 9 week event. In this series there are no weekly pay backs. At the end of the series the top points leaders in each class receive gift certificates redeemable in the hobby shop.

These are the pictures of the winners.
Junior Novice Class -3 Awards
L-R - Nathan Rosenfeld (1st),
Rebecca Demeyere (3rd),
2nd - Tyler Malti (not in picture)
Novice Class- 5 Awards
L-R - Peter Van Hoorn (3rd),
Liam Van Hoorn(2nd),
Cody Perry (1st),
Kyle Anderson (5th),
Jasmine Demeyere (4th)
Traxxas Slash Class - 5 Awards
L-R - Shawn O'Heren (4th)
Edie MacMullen (5th),
Jeff MacMullen (2nd),
T.J. O'Heren (1st),
Mike Rosenfeld (3rd)
This was our largest class!
Car Class - 2 Awards
L-R - Jeff MacMullen (2nd),
Bob Fylstra (1st)
Tamiya Mini-Cooper Class - 4 Awards
L-R - Eric Gelatt (3rd),
Shawn O'Heren (2nd),
Bob Fylstra (1st),
Mike Rosenfeld (4th)
As can be seen, several drivers run two classes and there are a lot of families involved - we try to run a family track.