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I'm writing this on the 4th of October, 2017. Last weekend we stopped in our local WalMart store. Unbelievable, but they are already gearing up for Christmas. As far as I know Christmas falls on December 25th this year as it has forever. Do we "gear up" for Christmas here at our humble little hobby shop? We do, but we don't really do much until Thanksgiving. That gives folks a whole month to shop at our store, see our little train set up and other decorations that get smaller as we get older. Don't take that wrong, I love the Christmas season, the folks bustling about trying to get that perfect gift, especially I like the Christmas songs which we play here during the season. We just like folks to stop in to say hello and maybe sit and talk for a while.

We try to be well stocked for Christmas and some of out distributors put out new stuff for Christmas. At this time of the year I also try to warn folks about buying sight unseen. A radio controlled car, truck, boat. airplane, drone, etc. is a good Christmas present. Please, if you are thinking of buying something likie this, go to your local hobby shop first. We sure would like you to come here, but there may be someone closer. There is a lot of stuff sold on line at this time of year and Radio controlled vehicles are very popular. There is good stuff on line and there is some some not so good. Take my word, check your hobby shop first. You may also find you really don't save money on line.,

Bill Marshall

These pictures show just part of the R/C stock we carry. Marshall's also stocks parts for most of the R/C models we sell. We; like a real car dealer can't have 100% of parts in stock at all times. If we don't have a particular part we can usually get it in a short time.

These two pictures show that Marshall's Hilltop Hobbies isn't only for the R/C car,
truck, airplane, helicopter and boat crowd. We also carry other hobby products
including plastic models as shown in these two pictures. We specialize in car models
but also some boat, airplanes, and novelty models.