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What do we have in stock? We were very low at times during the summer. We now have a good stock at the time I write this. As parts for what we sell is a lot better. Hope we are able to get what we need. Dot has a list of what we need and orders usually on Mondays for both parts and cars and trucks as needed. If you need a part for on Sunday call from 10 AM --to 5pm. We may have the part you need and we might have it in stock and you may still get here to get it. We are closed on Monday and you may be reach us. We may be working outside on something or you might  find us inside.

Bill and Dot Marshall






These pictures show just part of the R/C stock we carry. Marshall's also stocks parts for most of the R/C models we sell. We; like a real car dealer can't have 100% of parts in stock at all times. If we don't have a particular part we can usually get it in a short time.

These two pictures show that Marshall's Hilltop Hobbies isn't only for the R/C car,
truck, airplane, helicopter and boat crowd. We also carry other hobby products
including plastic models as shown in these two pictures. We specialize in car models
but also some boat, airplanes, and novelty models.