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.January 21st, 2018

Just would like folks to know we are at this time well stocked with Radio Controlled vehicles ready to run out of the box. We  stock some R/C kits if you like to build. We also carry R/C boats; probably not a good time to buy one; but spring will be here sometime. We carry some ready to fly planes plus rocket kits, plastic models, some train kits, paints and glues, etc. We have parts for most of the R/C cars and trucks we sell. We also have some puzzle and paint by number kits in stock for those folks that want something to do inside during the rest of the winter season.

For those that don't know us, we have an indoor carpet race track for radio controlled cars and trucks. We have racing every Saturday night year round. For the smmer we have a paved outdoor track.

Please contact us for more information.

Bill Marshall

These pictures show just part of the R/C stock we carry. Marshall's also stocks parts for most of the R/C models we sell. We; like a real car dealer can't have 100% of parts in stock at all times. If we don't have a particular part we can usually get it in a short time.

These two pictures show that Marshall's Hilltop Hobbies isn't only for the R/C car,
truck, airplane, helicopter and boat crowd. We also carry other hobby products
including plastic models as shown in these two pictures. We specialize in car models
but also some boat, airplanes, and novelty models.